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Alphabet of Our Friendship

Accept you just the way you are
Believe in you
Call you just to say “Hi”
Don’t give up on you
Envision the whole of you
Forgive your mistakes
Give unconditionally
Help you
Invite you over
Just be with you
Keep you close to heart
Love you for who you are
Make a difference in your life
Never judge
Offer support
Pick you up
Quiet your fears
Raise your spirits
Say nice things about you
Tell you the truth when you need to hear it
Understand you
Value you
Walk beside you
X-plain things you don’t understand
Yell when you don’t listen, and…..
Zap you back to reality…

(Sonny Marley)



Simple but Strong Girl.. Belajar dan berbagi banyak hal dalam hidup, menjadikan hidup lebih bermakna.. tidak pernah ada yang sia-sia dalam hidup, selama bersyukur masih menjadi penguatmu..

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