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Mathematics is…

Here they are…

Mathematics is ancient:

Over 4000 years ago, the Babylonians were fascinated by numbers. The Greeks started a systematic study of numbers and geometry over 2000 years ago. Some of the problems they raised were only solved in the last 200 years. Fermat’s last theorem, which is over 400 years old, was finally proved in 1995. There are still many more to solve. For example, it is still not known whether each even number is the sum of two prime numbers, or whether there is an odd number which is the sum of its proper factors.

Mathematics is modern:

As the development of science and IT continues, more sophisticated mathematics is required. Topics which have been studied theoretically in the past are now proving to be important in quantum physics, computer design, engineering and the financial industry. On the other hand, new mathematical topics are being invented and used to explain discoveries in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Mathematics is useful:

In addition to its importance in scientific applications, a mathematical training equips students to solve problems in all walks of life. A mathematics degree is highly valued in the job market and graduates from Swansea have little difficulty finding interesting and rewarding employment.

Mathematics is exciting

There is nothing quite like the `buzz’ that you get from solving a problem. And this is what maths is all about – developing new ways to solve problems, giving us that unique buzz time and time again.



Simple but Strong Girl.. Belajar dan berbagi banyak hal dalam hidup, menjadikan hidup lebih bermakna.. tidak pernah ada yang sia-sia dalam hidup, selama bersyukur masih menjadi penguatmu..

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