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Learning Process of Factor In Grade 4 SD Negeri 179 and Grade 2 MIN 1 Palembang

A.    Introduction

Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) or Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI) is an approach which has been emplemented in Indonesia. Some schools in Indonesia are developing and implementing RME as one of way to bring mathematics lesson to students. Two of many schools which have implemented RME are SD Negeri 179 and MIN 1 Palembang. Both of them are two of pilot project schools of PMRI, joined with Sriwijaya University Palembang.

In order to understand more about the implementation of RME, as the first semester students in IMPoMe program, we observe the learning process in both schools  which was chose as the pilot project schools in Palembang. The observation was done in SD Negeri 179 and MIN 1 Palembang.

The observers will report some things such as pre-observation report, observation activity, teaching and learning process, and some problems which are faced during the observation related to the pupils and learning process.

B.     Pre-Observation

Pre-observation activity is the activity that has been done few days before observers did the observation. It aims to observe the teaching and learning process in class, report the school condition generally, introduce ourselves, explain the purposes of this activity, know the implementation of PMRI, and make an appointment with the principal and the teacher (Mrs. Intan) for the 1st observation.  The observers consist of Ummy Salmah, Achmad Dhany Fahrudin, and Sitti Busyrah, students of IMPoME 2012. The observation was done in two schools, SDN 179 and MIN 1 Palembang. It was done in the different day. It was on Wednesday, 24th October 2012 in SD Negeri 179 and it was on Wednesday, 31st October 2012 in MIN 1. Observation was done in the different days because in MIN 1, there was a test for students on 24th October, so that we had to observe that class in the next week.      The first observation was done in SD Negeri 179. In this activity, observer met the Mrs. Paulina, The Principal, to ask her permission to do the observation. She was appreciated with this activity and permitted observer to observe grade 4D (with Mrs.Intan). At that time, observers met Mrs. Intan and discussed the first observation which will be done in the next week. According to Mrs. Intan, observers found that this grade consists of 28 pupils. In teaching mathematics to pupils, she often try to use PMRI. In this meeting, observers also made an appointment about the next observation schedule that will be done on Wednesday, 31st October 2012 with Measuring Angle topic.

The second observation activity has been done in MIN 1 on Wednesday, 31st October 2012. In this activity, observers met the principal and make an appointment with Mrs.Tartila, the Grade 2 teacher. There are 33 students in this class, handled by two teachers, Mrs.Tartila and sa new teacher.  They collaborate to teach pupils in this class. In this meeting, Mrs. Tartila agreed to start the first observation on Wednesday, 7 November 2012 with Measuring Length topic.

SD Negeri 179 and MIN 1 are two of many pilot project schools of PMRI together with Sriwijaya University. Some of the teachers have joined in PMRI workshop and started to use PMRI in their class. According to Mrs Intan and Mrs.Tartila, by implementing PMRI the pupils are more active and enthusiastic to follow the learning process.  However, there are many obstacles caused by some factors, such as less information about PMRI , time and few sources.

 C.   Findings and Problems

During the observation, either in SD Negeri 179 or in MIN 1, there were some obstacles and problems, although basically the learning process in both schools is quite good.

In SD Negeri 179, Mrs. Intan has implemented PMRI. The pupils were enthusiastic in learning process. However, when they do the exercise individually, some of them seemed confused to determine the factor of numbers. It is because they have not understood and memorized the basic multiplication 1 to 10. So that it was difficult for them to determine the factor.

The learning process in MIN 1 which is guided by Mrs. Tartila actually has used the contextual problem to bring pupils to understand about the topic. However, she did not use PMRI specifically. Some pupils seemed confused and did not understand what their teacher said. When doing the exercise, they did the wrong procedures in using ruler to measure the length of things. There were pupils measuring the things but they did not start from 0, even the result was wrong. In learning process, teacher did not divide class into small groups, so observers have not look the cooperation of pupils in class yet.

D.     Conclusions

In conclusion, in SD Negeri 179 the learning process begins to use PMRI, although not every topic explains by using PMRI because of some reasons. Pupils look enthusiastic and the material has described briefly. The class organized well, although some pupils were difficult to arrange in learning process.

The learning process in MIN 1 still used a conventional method. However, the teacher also used concrete things around the pupils to help them understanding the materials. The class did not arrange well. We could see that many pupils did not give an attention to their teacher.

International Master Program on Mathematics Education (Impome 2012), Sriwijaya University




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