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First Instructional Design of RME:” Teaching of Angle Comparison by Using Styrofoam and Ropes for Grade 4 of SDN 179“

Achmad Dhany Fachrudin1

Ummy Salmah2, dan Sitti Busyrah3

International Master Program on Mathematics Education (IMPoME 2012)


I.          Introduction

“Mathematics is a human activity” is considered to be a familiar statement expressed by Hans Freudenthal. Through this statement, Freudenthal wanted to show that Mathematics is not a product which teacher can give to the pupils directly, but as a form of activity in constructing mathematical concept (Wijaya, 2008). This statement is also a base of development of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), a mathematical learning approach which comes from The Netherland. Nowadays RME is also developing in Indonesia namely Indonesia Realistic Mathematics Education (IRME). Teaching and learning process in RME emphasize the importance of meaningful concept in mathematics for pupils. It is also supported by another Freudenthal statement which is teaching and learning happen only if it is meaningful for the pupils.(Wijaya, 2008). Therefore, to make conceptual understanding of pupils, teacher should make the condition of meaningful learning that can be reached by using IRME approach. This underlies us to make a design of teaching and learning in elementary school using IRME approach.

The material chosen by researchers in developing the design of teaching and learning at the time is measurement, with sub material angel measurement. Here, researchers try to use “senam tangan” and tool media that made of ropes and styrofoam to bridge between the informal and formal knowledge of pupils in the material of angle.

Furthermore, we will describe about how the researchers and teacher designed the teaching and learning process, implemented the design and conduct a retrospective analysis of learning design in the section below.

To find more information about this result of observation, you can download in this link:




Simple but Strong Girl.. Belajar dan berbagi banyak hal dalam hidup, menjadikan hidup lebih bermakna.. tidak pernah ada yang sia-sia dalam hidup, selama bersyukur masih menjadi penguatmu..

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