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Using Clothes Hanger in Comparing the Weight of Two Things

ice bergOne of the principles of mathematics education is pupils can truly understand the concepts being taught. To be able to understand the math concepts, a knowledge or mathematical concepts must be meaningful for the pupils. A knowledge will be meaningful for pupils if the learning process involves realistic problems or are implemented in and by using the context (Wijaya, 2008). Therefore, in the teaching and learning process we could not put mathematics as an object that detached from reality which is easily understood by pupils. It makes learning math becomes less meaningful and easily forgotten by pupils. One of the ways that you can use to make learning maths becomes even more meaningful is by putting mathematic as a part of the student life experience (Wijaya, 2008).

To support the implementation of a meaningful mathematics learning we need an approach that allows the connection between pupils’ life experiences with the learning of mathematics, one of these is Indonesia Realistic Mathematics Education (IRME). IRME is an approach adapted from Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) that have been developed in the Netherlands which emphasize on the meaningfulness of a mathematical concepts to pupils itself through the use of context or realistic problem. this encourage researchers to design a learning at the elementary school level using IRME approach.

timbangan1The material selected by the researchers on the development of instructional design with IRME approach this time is a measurement with a sub material comparing the weight of two objects with a nonstandard and standard unit. The learning design will be applied for grade 2 pupils of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri 1 Palembang. Here a researcher uses a variety of realistic problems such as weight measurements made by the traders in the market or store and body’s weight measurement as a starting point for developing the mathematical ideas and concepts. While, the tools media used are various objects that will measure the weight by using hand and cloth’s hanger as a non standard measuring instrument, and home scales as a standard measuring instrument.

Further, the process of the researchers with teachers to design, implement learning on learning in the classroom as well as a retrospective analysis of how researchers will be described in this link below.

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Simple but Strong Girl.. Belajar dan berbagi banyak hal dalam hidup, menjadikan hidup lebih bermakna.. tidak pernah ada yang sia-sia dalam hidup, selama bersyukur masih menjadi penguatmu..

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